International conference

The Power of Media

The Institute of Art History is organizing the international conference entitled „The Power of Media: Patronage, Representation and Propaganda in the Early Modern Period (1450–1800) between the Mediterranean and Central Europe“.

The conference will take place at the Split City Museum (Papalićeva 1, Ulica Petra Kružića 7) from 13 to 15 June 2018. The international multidisciplinary conference is aimed at exchanging deliberations, experience and new knowlegde on the topics and issues regarding the roles of media and patrons, representation and propaganda during the early modern period in the area geographically defined by the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe. The conference marks the end of research within the scientific project Visual Arts and Communication of Power in the Early Modern Period (1450-1800): Historical Croatian Regions at the Crossroads of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, supported by the Croatian Science Foundation. The principal investigator on the project and head of the conference organizing committee is Milan Pelc, PhH, head of the Institute of Art History.

The conference programme and lectures' abstracts are available here.

Petra Batelja
Milan Pelc, PhD