Photographic Unit


Paolo Mofardin, photographer
T. 00385 1 6112 738

The Photographic Unit is part of the Institute’s expert units department. It is coordinated by a photographer (lead cameraman and photographic lab technician) who provides relevant material for the entire scientific research program and the scientists’ projects.

The photographer participates in the processes of field research and documentation, the systematization and archiving of photographic material, as well as in the final graphic processing and preparation of photographic material for the purposes of publishing the results of scientific research conducted by the Institute.

Since the beginning of its activities in 1961, exceptional photographers have been hired for the purposes of photographic studio and in-field documentation as part of the Institute's scientific research projects, including: Nenad Gattin, Mihael Ostrovidov, Branko Balić, Krešimir Tadić, and their successors Ante Rendić Miočević, Višnja Crnolatac, Vjekoslav Urukalović, Slobodan Tadić, Igor Nikolić, Jovan Kliska and Milan Drmić. The Institute of Art History’s current photographer and photographic lab technician is Paolo Mofardin.

Today, their legacies are kept as part of the Institute's Photoarchives Collection, with special credit given to Krešimir Tadić (a long-time associate and head of the photographic laboratory), as well as Branko Balić and Nenad Gattin, whose legacies have been gathered and systemized to form special collections.