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The Homeland War and Contemporary Croatian Photography

Sandra Križić Roban, PhD, is attending the international conference Photographies and Conflict: Archiving and Consuming Images of Strife, scheduled to be held from 22 to 24 November 2018 in Famagusta Gate, Nicosia, Cyprus. The conference is organized by the International Association of Photography and Theory [IAPT], a non-profit, academic-oriented organization dedicated to multi-disciplinary and critical study of photography and photographic practices. This year’s conference will focus on ideas based on conflict and models of archiving conflict in photography.

In her lecture “Prolonging Trauma: The Homeland War and Contemporary Croatian Photography”, Sandra Križić Roban, PhD, will refer to photography and conflict as products of culture. Having acknowledged the view on photographers as defined by Sekula: “…the photographer is already a social actor, never a completely innocent or objective bystander”, the lecture will be dedicated to three authors – Pavo Urban, Antun Maračić and Bojan Mrđenović – all addressing the theme of conflict, but not in a documentary manner. Their works have been included in exhibitions, art books, and magazines, or applied as “visual addendums” to interventions on monuments. These artists are “archiving” war by referring to social deconstruction outside of the preferred political narrative.

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To participate in the conference program, Sandra Križić Roban, PhD, was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Dubrovnik, Department for Culture and Heritage.


Antun Maračić, No-grad i njegov subrealizam, 1991

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