International project

Digital archive Forgotten Heritage

Sandra Križić Roban, PhD, participates in a two-year project FORGOTTEN HERITAGE that brings an innovative approach to the design, presentation and availability of the conceptual art works created in the second half of the 20th century. The core of the project is the development of a digital archive – a repository of archival material and artworks by Croatian, Polish, Estonian and Belgian neo-avant-garde artists. The repository is conceived as an on-line platform available to different users: general public and professionals, students of art history and other social and humanistic sciences, art academies students and artists, presenting a wide range of materials: from graphics, drawings, paintings, photographs to the documentation of art exhibitions and actions, private notes of artists, poetry and prose, etc. This rich collection is available in the form of innovative, easy-to-use databases that allow research, analysis and comparison of materials. The aim is to popularize neo-avant-garde works, establishing new readings and reinterpretations. The final version of the repository will be available in English, Croatian, Polish, French and Estonian.

As part of the project, the international conference Revisiting Heritage will be held at the National Museum in Warsaw, June 7–8 2018. Sandra Križić Roban will participate with a lecture “Not only on Women's Day – women in Croatian photography after the 1950s”. The conference will bring together experts specialized in the neo-avant-garde art practice, mainly from Eastern Europe, whose papers will be published in the project's publication at the end of this year.

Contact: Sandra Križić Roban