Photoarchive Branko Balić

Since 1977, the Photoarchives Branko Balić keeps the legacy of the named photographer, who was a permanent associate of the IAH. The collection gathers around 12,000 b/w negatives representing the works of mainly croatian artists from all fields of fine and visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, applied arts, design), dating mostly from the late 1950s to mid 1970s. A large part his legacy are series of portraits of distinguished public figures, mostly from the art and theatre scene.

Systematic digitization of the archives began in 2014 and is done at the IAH Photolaboratory premisses (Irena Šimić, Paolo Mofardin).

The selection from the subcollection of portrait is available in the online photo gallery.

More information:
Photoarchives Branko Balić – list of portraits, authors and themes
Branko Balić – The Attentive Observer (MUO, 2019)
Fotografija u Hrvatskoj: Branko Balić (HRT, 2016)
Branko Balić (1930.–1976.): fotografije (MUO, 1978)
Branko Balić (pdf, 8 MB)
Biography (LZMK, Hrvatski biografski leksikon, Nada Grčević, 1983.)

Contact: Irena Šimić