Digitization process of journal Život umjetnosti

Dear authors and contributors,

in the mid-2015, the editorial board of the magazine Život umjetnosti has initiated the digitization process of the older magazine issues available only in print or sold out for many years. The digitization process from the issues 1/1966 to 62/1999 is conducted by the Institute of Art History, while the estimated date of completion for this project is 15 March 2016.

The magazine corpus is today comprised of more than 500 authors and contributors and more than 1500 authors’ contributions.

The regularly updated and publicly available table of contents, consisting of authors and articles, enables the use of a partially searchable corpus, while the articles available in digital format (pdf) are published and available via open access on the magazine’s website

The aim of digitizing the older magazine issues is to ensure open access, i.e. public availability of the published content which, consisting of records and archival materials, is extremely important for recognizing the general tendencies in the development of Croatian culture and art in the second half of the 20th century. One part of the digitization process also involves the physical preservation of the archival issues of the magazine of which, in case of certain publication years and volumes, the Institute has only several copies in its possession.

By the end of this process, quality digital versions of all articles published in the magazine will be publicly accessible to all users via a subdomain contained within website. In addition, the editorial board has decided to include the digitized corpus in several online national and international, primarily academic, databases.

Therefore, we invite all authors, artists and other contributors to the magazine to state their position in writing regarding their discretionary rights or special conditions under which they allow or restrict the use of their copyrighted materials for the abovementioned purposes.

In regard with this subject, please contact the magazine's editorial board via email zivot-umjetnosti /

The Editorial Board