Studies and Monographs

The Cathedral of the Assumption ot the Virgin in Dubrovnik

Katarina Horvat Levaj (ed.)

Katarina Horvat Levaj

Igor Fisković, Daniel Premerl, Ivan Viđen, Danko Zelić

Joško Belamarić, Vladimir Marković

Miho Demović, Igor Fisković, Katarina Horvat-Levaj, Marin Ivanović, Jelena Ivoš, Vjera Katalinić, Vinicije B. Lupis, Milan Pelc, Daniel Premerl, Radoslav Tomić, Stanislav Tuksar, Ivan Viđen, Danko Zelić

Rebbeca E. McKay
Tijana Gojić
Tanja Trška

Professional associates
Paolo Mofardin (photopgraphs), Ivan Tenšek and Ivana Valjato-Vrus (architectural drawings), Lara Hölbling Matković (proof-reading), David Kiš (indices)

City Parish of the Assumption, Dubrovnik – Institute of Art History, Zagreb – ArTresor Publishers, Zagreb

Layout and design
Franjo Kiš, ArTresor Publishers

Publishing series and number
Studies and monographs of the Institute of Art History, book 46

Material description
592 pp; illustrations in colour; catalogue of art works, documents, sources, literature, indices

ISBN: 978-953-56060-2-4, 978-953-7875-21-3, 978-953-8012-11-2

This monograph brings together for the first time in one place the comprehensive contemporary litera­ture on the cathedral, interpreting this exceptional monu­ment and the entire historical and cultural complex in its regional, Adriatic, and I would say even Medi­terranean context – and not just during the emergence of the Baroque building that we see today, but also the earlier phases, which are attested to primarily by the archaeological findings. However, the book is not just a synthesis of contemporary texts and concepts. It brings to light an astonishing number of new, rigorously scientific, analytical insights on numerous problems that were previously only mentioned in passing. In a series of balanced chapters, the authors succeed in creating for the first time a complete and precise reconstruction of the chronology of the construction and furnishing of the Dubrovnik cathedral, with a convincing recon­struction of the individual building phases and an equally convincing interpretation of the genesis of the stylistic features of each of them. The book goes beyond all similar domestic publication projects and establishes a scientific paradigm that, we hope, other authors will follow in their own writing about cathedrals in Split, Trogir, Zadar, Rab, Poreč or Zagreb – to mention just a few of those that are deserving of the same scientific rigour.

― Joško Belamarić

For the extensive task of publishing this mono­graph, a series of distinguished Croatian experts were assembled that had already worked with monuments in the city of Dubrovnik, and in particular the architecture of the cathedral, including the history of its construction and the works of art and historical objects that are kept within the Dubrovnik Diocese. The result of their collaboration is impressive. The monograph spans 590 pages and offers a wealth of material including architectural drawings, graphic diagrams and reconstructions, photographs of architecture, paintings, sculptures and other objects and documents of artistic and historic importance. The texts in the monograph are accompanied by documentation, which enables a better insight into the themes discussed in the book. These documents contain and catalogue the artworks of the Baroque cathedral: there are 365 catalogued pieces of furniture, altars, paintings, sculptures, liturgical vestments, church bells, votive offerings, relics, liturgical objects, plaques with inscriptions on the walls of the cathedral, and books.

― Vladimir Marković

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin in Du­brovnik (1671 – 1713) occupies a prominent place among Croatian cathedral buildings. Emerging during the reconstruction of the city after the earthquake in 1667, the monumental three-aisled Baroque basilica with a dome uniquely combined not only the high aesthetic standards of the Dubrovnik commissioners and the Roman architect, but also the individual leaders of construction from Rome, Sicily and Dubrovnik. The interior furnishings are equally as important and exquisite – marble altars ordered in Naples, Carrara and Genoa, numerous paintings by Italian and Flemish painters as well as painters from Dubrovnik – and the special phenomenon that is the Reliquary of the cathedral with almost two hundred relics, gathered from the 10th to the 21st century. The Baroque cathedral was preceded by two older buildings – one dating from Late Antiquity / Byzantium and the other Romanesque – the archaeological remains of these churches, including frescoes and fragments of sculpture, testify to the high level of quality in the artworks of the disappeared buildings. Inspired by the high quality of the architecture and artworks, and prompted by the commission of the City Parish the Institute of Art History began to draft the monograph with experts in their respective fields. The tricentennial of the completion of the cathedral offered a strong additional motive. In addition to contemporary knowledge, the monograph includes new scientific facts based on field and archive research in Dubrovnik and comparative research in Italy. The high value of the Dubrovnik cathedral in the European context called for editions in both Croatian and English.


Mate Uzinić, Bishop of Dubrovnik

The sanctuary of the living church
Stanko Lasić, Cathedral Parisch priest

The historical interpretation of the cathedral
Katarina Horvat-Levaj, editor

The cathedral from the beginnings of the city to the earthquake of 1667

Architecture of the old cathedrals
Danko Zelić

Artwork and decoration of the old cathedrals
Igor Fisković

The baroque cathedral from the reconstruction following the earthquake of 1667 to the present

The architecture of the baroque cathedral
Katarina Horvat-Levaj

Origin of the architectural type and its context
Katarina Horvat-Levaj

The furnishing of the baroque cathedral

A century of furnishing the baroque cathedral
Daniel Premerl

Paintings in the cathedral
Radoslav Tomić

Liturgical objects and votive offerings
Vinicije B. Lupis

Liturgical vestments
Jelena Ivoš

Old books in the cathedral
Milan Pelc

The cathedral organ throughout the centuries
Miho Demović

The cathedral music collection
Vjera Katalinić – Stanislav Tuksar

The reliquary
Vinicije B. Lupis

The cathedral from the beginning of the 19th century to the present
Ivan Viđen

The restoration of the cathedral after the earthquake of 1979
Marin Ivanović

Catalogue of art works in the baroques cathedral

Documents, sources, lirature, indices