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Between Central Europe and the Mediterranean – The Artistic Heritage of Continental Croatia in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

About the project
Research will be focused on unexplored or less explored phenomena of visual arts created for patrons from continental Croatia in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Most of the research will be focused on the artistic heritage of the historical Zagreb diocese. Engravings will be explored as a medium of visual communication of different layers of meaning (missals, breviaries, vedute, representations of pilgrimage sites, and so on). The research will also focus on the patronage of Zagreb bishops and canons abroad, that is, at higher education institutions owned by the Zagreb Cathedral Chapter in Bologna (Illyrian-Hungarian College) and Vienna (Croatian College). In addition, furnishings of churches will be researched: for example, altarpieces in Daruvar, Pakrac, Donja Voća, or wall paintings (a database of the entire corpus will be created), stucco decorations, and so on. The interpretative emphasis will be on the meaning of artworks (patronage, iconography, representation). A part of the research will focus on sacral architecture, spatial organization and development of towns and settlements of Banija, i.e. the Military Frontier.

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Results of the project are available through CroRIS.

Project leader
Daniel Premerl, PhD

Research team
Milan Pelc, PhD
Mirjana Repanić-Braun, PhD
Iva Vidović
Vlasta Zajec, PhD

Project duration: 2023–2027

Project acronym: ISEM

Internal research projects are financed by the European Union – NextGenerationEU from funds provided in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026 (NPOO). The amount of their funding is agreed in the Program Agreement within the implementation budget component of the Institute of Art History.