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Discovering Dalmatia VIII

Discovering Dalmatia VIII

History of art institutions in Dalmatia: historiography, people, spaces, perspectives

Split, 8th – 10th December 2022


This year’s conference is a “hybrid” one, with some of the presenters and audience participating online, via Zoom, while the remaining participants will be gathered together in Split. It also represents the eight annual Discovering Dalmatia programme, offering a week of events in scholarship and research.

Please join us via Zoom:

This year’s programme in research and scholarship, Discovering Dalmatia VIII, consists of a conference dedicated to a project of The Institute of Art History entitled History of Art Institutions in Croatia, headed by Irena Kraševac, PhD. This project seeks to promote multi-layered research, developing a synthesis of historical and artistic bibliography, archival and documentary resources connected with museums, galleries, schools, research, and other art institutions in Croatia. The aim of our conference is to open a critical debate in order to determine the coordinates of this first systematic review and synthesis of the events and protagonists that contributed to the history of artistic institutions in Dalmatia, through research which considers their various political, social, cultural and historical contexts. The conference encourages consideration of art institutions in Dalmatia as a system of repositories, but also as key interpreters of Dalmatia’s rich artistic heritage, and suggests that the history of these institutions can be explored as a basis for establishing the continuity and perspectives of their various missions. The call was therefore opened to all those who deal with the history of institutions and practices connected with Dalmatian art-historical infrastructure, including art museums and galleries, educational institutions, research institutions, as well as conservation and restoration institutions. This year’s program will, keeping with the theme of the conference and the popular scientific character of these annual gatherings, include study visits to some of the most significant museum institutions in Split.

Furthermore, the programme also includes a public lecture by our young colleague Maja Perić, who will acquaint the audience with Dutch and Flemish travelogue sources and travellers that journeyed throughout the eastern Adriatic between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Scientific Committee
Joško Belamarić
Arsen Duplančić
Katarina Horvat-Levaj
Irena Kraševac
Ivana Mance
Katrina O’Loughlin
Ana Šverko
Elke Katharina Wittich

Organizing Committee
Joško Belamarić
Tomislav Bosnić
Ana Ćurić
Irena Kraševac
Matko Matija Marušić
Sarah Rengel
Ana Šverko

Contact: Ana Šverko

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