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Lana Lovrenčić

Assistant, Doctoral Student
P. +385 1 6112 744
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Lana Lovrenčić graduated in Art History and Philosophy from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Her research focuses on issues concerning history and theory of photography, memory studies, theory and history of the preservation of the post-WWII cultural heritage, modernism and the processes of modernization in the realm of urban planning and memorialization. From November 2020, she has been employed at the Institute of Art History as a PhD Candidate – Research Assistant working on a research project Ekspozicija: Themes and Aspects of Croatian Photography from the 19th Century until Today, under which she enrolled into the Postgraduate Course in Humanities at the University of Zadar with the preliminary thesis title: Petar Dabac and his photo archive, under the tutelage of Sandra Križić Roban, PhD and co-supervised by Vinko Srhoj, PhD.

As a professional associate, she has participated in several research projects: Unfinished Modernizations (2019 – 2021), Spomenici u tranziciji. Rušenje spomenika NOB-a u Hrvatskoj (2011 – 2014), Heroes We Love (2014 – 2017), Forgotten Heritage – European Avant-Garde Online (2016 – 2018), Not Yet Written Stories – Women Artists’ Archives Online (2019 – 2021). She is one of the initiators of the international cooperative platform (Ne)Primjereni spomenici / (In)Appropriate Monuments (2014), where she works as a researcher and coordinator since the beginning of 2017. She is a member of the international work group Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies, which operates under Memory Studies Association, she is also a member of the editorial board of the group’s newsletter. She has authored and co-authored numerous exhibitions, such as: Spomenici u tranziciji. Rušenje spomenike NOB-e u Hrvatskoj (2011), Putevima revolucije: memorijalni turizam u Jugoslaviji (2015), Teritorij kao zapis – Figure južnog Zagreba (2016), Tošo Dabac unutar okvira – Reportaže s obale (2016), Tošo Dabac unutar okvira – Fotografija baštine (2017), Proširene fotografije, segment 3 (2018), Petar Dabac (Leibnitz, 2019), 79 godina atelijera Dabac u Ilici (2019), Sandro Đukić: Arhiva kao memorijski konstrukt (2019), Petar Dabac: Portreti 1959. – 1985. – Projekt preoblikovanja svijesti (2019), Galerija Arhiv TD Petra Dabca (2020), Sandro Đukić i Bojan Salaj: Arhiv kao memorijski konstrukt (2021).

She co-organized three international conferences: Socialist Monuments and Modernism (2015), Post-War Monuments in Post-Communist Europe (2017) and Post-Socialist Memory in a Global Perspective: Postcolonialism, Post_transition, Post-Trauma (2020).

Recent conference presentations include:

  • ASN 23rd Annual World Convention (Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, 2018)
  • Cities and regions in flux after border change: Reconfiguring the frontier, reshaping memory and visualizing change in twentieth century Europe (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, 2019)
  • Three Decades of Post-Socialist Transition (TU Darmstadt, 2019)
  • Convergences. Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference (Warsaw, online, 2021)